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My heart needs to be tuned daily, hourly even, to sing His praise as it constantly goes out of tune with and toward Him, reaching for the world or being led by my flesh, causing a discordant sound in my soul. But our prayer should be that God will do His work in me, only He can set my heart right. Despite all the things going on in my life, God is still good. God is still constant. And when I sing “Tune my heart to sing thy praise” I am acknowledging to God the condition of my heart.

Tune My Heart Brass Pin

SKU: 0015
  • Inspired by ‘Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing’ hymn (1758), this brass pin can amp up an unmissable charisma to your outfit. Pair it with almost anything in a wardrobe and make it your style.

    Size: 1.2 inches
    Material: Brass
    Type: Lapel Pin
    Gender: Unisex

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