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For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God.. -Ephesians 2:8
Paul returns again to his theme of grace in this classic verse. Salvation's source is grace; the means of salvation is faith. We believe by faith to be saved (Romans 10:9), but would never choose to believe apart from the grace of God operating in our lives. That salvation would never be available, other than as a result of the grace of God. Both parts are important in the discussion of salvation.Immediately following this declaration, Paul repeats and clarifies it. Paul does not want anyone to think salvation is based on something they had done, or could ever do. No work is good enough to provide our own salvation. No good deeds can undo the sins we have committed. Salvation is a gift. Further, it is a gift only God can provide. No matter how much we desire to give salvation to another person, we cannot. Only God can offer the gift of eternal life. Instead, we are called to proclaim the gospel, live it, share it, pray for the salvation of others, and help people grow in the grace of God. The Lord must be the one to provide salvation and does so as He chooses.

By Faith (Male)

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  • This intricate verse design points to the cross of Christ. The beauty of this design is that when you look closely, then the verse emerges, and not at first look.

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